fox mixed media journal page
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This mixed media fox art journal page is the first in what I hope will be many more to come in a series of animal inspired pages!

I thought I would share a video I made of the process in how this page was created – I created this page using very simple techniques, and the results are stunning!

Fox Symbolism & Meaning

As an artist and dream journeyer, I’ve always been drawn to symbolism – and believe that animals can remind us of much wisdom we may need in our lives.

Foxes may sometimes be portrayed as nuisances or the bad guys in fairy tales, but if you have ever encountered a fox in real life, you know how majestic of a sighting it can be!

The fox reminds us to keep a playful attitude in life and to not get caught up in taking things too seriously.  In creative pursuits, a sense of playfulness is always important!

Foxes are clever and quick thinking, which also reminds us that in life it is good to be adaptable to new situations. Having an open mind and being flexible to changes is a great message that can serve us well in a number of circumstances we may encounter in our daily lives!

fox art journal mixed media page

Some of the other messages from the fox:

  • Trust Yourself – You Know the Way!
  • Dare yourself to go farther than you think you can
  • Maintain a healthy balance in life
  • Keep a sharp focus and keen eye for details
  • Stay alert and be open to new opportunities that may present themselves!

A lot of wisdom can be found from the symbolism of the fox!

I was surprised how well this page turned out honestly – it was my first time ever attempting to paint any type of animal, let alone a fox!

You can see in the beginning of the video my initial sketch wasn’t exactly the greatest! Even the fox had some words to say about my drawing, lol…

fox has words

I think Mr. Fox would be very happy to know he looks much better now!

Supplies and Materials Used:

For those who might be wondering what types of materials I use in creating my art, I wanted to share a list of supplies and materials here. I love all of these supplies listed, and am always finding myself using these again and again in my creative projects.

Dylusions Art Journal: This is one of my favorite mixed media art journals to work in – when I’m not creating my own journals of course!

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium: My go-to supply to use as a collage medium, as well as for combining with acrylic paints.

Liquitex Soft Body Paints: My favorite colors are Quinacridrone Magenta and Cobalt Turquoise – but I used a number of different colors in making this page!

Speedball Calligraphy Set: Using a dip pen in art journaling is one of my favorite ways to add details and outlining, and while I use a couple of different ink brands in my work, I love to use Higgins Black Magic Ink because it goes on smoothly and in my opinion has better coverage.

Uni Posca Marker Pens: For smaller details, I love using Uni Posca fine point paint markers – especially the white pen because it really adds a nice contrast to the black ink!

If the thought of using a calligraphy dip pen in your artwork sounds intimidating, these are a great alternative to try out – and you’ll love using these pens in different art journal projects as well!

I hope you enjoyed this art journal process page video – I enjoyed it so much that I have a feeling there will be many more animal themed videos to come in the future! {Maybe even a series? Hmmm…will have to think about it!}

Have any questions about the process? What are your thoughts on the symbolism and wisdom of the fox? Comments are always welcome below!

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