Breakfast At Tiffanys Textile Collage
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Last year Sandra from Fado Reclaimed sent me the most beautiful, loveliest box of goodies in one of her slow stitch kits and I’ve been, well, really SLOW about posting what I’ve made with it so far!

Of course, the kit was beautiful so I dove right into it – nothing was slow about that! But, actually taking photographs, writing about it, etc. – that stuff I am very slow about, although not on purpose!

Anyways, today I am sharing this textile collage I made that I’m titling Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Breakfast At Tiffanys Textile Collage
Breakfast At Tiffanys Textile Collage

The name of this collage was inspired by one of the pieces of fabric that had an image of one of those tiffany-style lamps (which I LOVE those kinds of lamps by the way lol) – and so that sort of got the song Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something stuck in my head.

The doily made for a great “plate” and I sort of just went intuitively from there – the checkered fabric in the top corner makes me think of a napkin of sorts and of course when you combine textiles, fabric, art, + some music it’s very easy to kind of imagine a story to go with these.

I didn’t do a whole lot of stitching in this piece ironically – the fabrics and textures of the lace were so pretty I wanted to just keep it minimal and not distract from that too much, so I just used what I call an invisible basting technique to get it all stitched into place.

I really can’t wait to make more of these – and of course a HUGE thank you to Sandra of Fado Reclaimed for sending me this kit! Do check out her shop if you’re looking for some fabulous reclaimed fabrics for journaling + slow stitch projects!

If you are new to slow stitching, I have a basic slow stitching 101 tutorial here.

I do hope to get more tutorials + info about my process on these posted – I’m just very slow on some of these things! Ha ha, get it? Slow stitching 🙂

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