free doodle practice worksheets preview
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free doodle practice worksheets preview

These free printable doodle templates make for great practice sheets that will inspire you to create all sorts of doodles in no time at all! Just grab your favorite markers or pens and start creating!

If you’ve followed Artjournalist for any long time, you *might* have noticed just how much I love to doodle. 🙂

I love making all sorts of doodle art, like these watercolor doodle cities. Doodles are also a great thing to include in your planner or art journal.

Today I wanted to practice drawing some new doodles but I was reminded of my never-ending struggle with drawing perfect circles…and I got the idea to make doodle circle template pages!

No need for a ruler or special stencils when you have printables! Now I have a whole page of perfect circles!

It All Started With a Circle…and then the Muse got a little carried away… 🙂

I started with just wanting to make some simple circle shapes and of course then I thought it would be fun to have other shapes in a printable template, like squares, or triangles, or ovals, or droplets, or houses. or random splats…

Next thing I knew, I created a full set of printable doodle sheets. What can I say? When a good idea strikes, it decides to takes over. 🙂

Side Note: Would you be surprised if I also told you that one of my favorite books is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? 😉

Here’s a couple of full-size preview doodle practice pages that are included in the download.

Make sure you use the download link at the bottom of this article for best print results – the web-optimized images in this post will not look very good when you go to print them!

I liked this one so much I made a reverse upside down version also included in the PDF file!

And of course, once I started actually doodling in them I thought of even more fun ideas for ways to use these sheets.

  • Use them in your junk journals!
  • Do a “doodle-a-day” challenge – stick one in your planner!
  • Doodle objects that are shaped like a circle / square / triangle
  • Practice your favorite Zentangle designs
  • Entertain a group of kids for at least 15 minutes 😉

Example of Doodles Made in 20 Minutes

I filled up this page of square doodles in 20 minutes while I waited for dinner to cook last night. I think I’ll have to keep a stack of them in my kitchen – it’s definitely more exciting than watching water boil. 🙂

square doodle practice sheet example

Naturally, I had to call in my favorite pens for this task! Micron Pens in Assorted Sizes and my trusty Sharpie Pen. 🙂

doodle template with favorite pens

Shhh…don’t tell my Zentangle & CZT friends….I like the Sharpie pens just a teensy bit more than the Microns. {But Microns are great too – especially when standing up to watercolors is important!}

Download the Free Printable Doodle Shape Templates Below

These free doodle templates come in a super easy to print PDF file. You can choose to print out just one page, or print out them all.

Download the High-Res Printable PDF

You are welcome to use these templates for any sort of your own personal use and of course if you like them please do share this post. 🙂

I hope you have fun creating with these free printable doodle templates, and of course I’d love to see what you create! Tell me what you’re going to make in the comments section below! You can share your doodle creations in our Artjournalist Facebook group!

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