An All New Artjournalist Facebook Community for 2018

One of my most favorite things since starting the website is without a doubt the people I’ve met! Having a community of friends and artists is sooo important when you’re a creative type. I’ve created an all-new group for Artjournalist readers, and I hope you will join in for the fun!

Here’s 3 Awesome Reasons to Join:

Exclusive Group Member Content: Starting March 1st, we’ll be sharing free printable downloads, hosting giveaways for some of our favorite mixed media products, and sharing plenty of inspiration and creative goodies available only to our group members and subscribers. You’ll love things like prompt cards, collage sheets and more!

No Pressure, No Stress: There aren’t too many rules for this group, other than be the best highest kindest loving self that I know you all are. You don’t even have to be a good artist. Stick figure drawings are perfectly okay! Throw perfection out the window and make some creative friends! 🙂

Stay Updated Easier: Groups are a super easy way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings. The way Facebook works unfortunately means even if you like our page, you may not get all the notifications. A group gives you the ability to be notified + interact more with the community.

Ready to join in? Get started here!

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