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All summer long, I enjoyed art journaling on my porch. It was very nice. But now…winter is on it’s way! It’s getting colder and the daylight is dwindling down…which means it’s time for me to pack it all up and move back inside.

While last winter I set up a card table in my living room, with the holidays soon approaching that is not going to work out so well this time of year.

So, given limited space and budget (My house is 900 sq feet and also living with me are three kids, a husband, and a cat)…I had to get creative with what I had and I decided to transform my half of a teeny tiny closet into my new art studio!

closet art studio

And yes, I only get half of a closet, as the hubby still needs a place for his clothes! It was a challenge, and it’s not ideal for any large projects, but this should keep me creating – and hopefully organized – all winter long, which makes me happy!

My First Project: Making The Portable Solution for Creating

I knew that making one would really help me organize this teeny tiny mini art studio and it being portable I figured would be good for when going out and about and bringing my supplies with me, like when I visit my parents or go to a friend’s house.

So, I started with a container that my husband saved for me from work. The lid is a bit beat up, but that’s okay – the clasps on the side work and the inside is clean so that’s really all that matters.

I Β also saved some boxes and other containers to use in it. Like a lunch meat container to store my gelatos (which I really need to write some tips and tutorials on soon – they are very fun to play with!) – an old box for holding all my paints, a coffee can for holding stamps and stencils…

I did buy one thing a few weeks ago for holding and organizing all my collage cut-outs which I love…I found it Pat Catan’s…not sure if they sell them online anywhere but it’s made by Darice. It’s basically like a giant coupon organizer that I use to hold all my collage cut-outs and it expands!

Here’s some pics of that:

Using this nifty little thing I was able to organize all my collage cut-outs in some ways, like a pocket for people, a pocket for animals, a pocket for flowers, a pocket for patterns, etc. etc. I LOVE it! Wish I had more stuff to cut out right now to fill it up with!

So what else did I need to put in my little portable box of art journaling supplies?

Brushes and Pens. I happened to have a little bag meant just for holding pens, so this works perfectly for holding all that stuff. I threw in a glue stick and a small pair of scissors for good measure!

Things missing from this photo:

Baby Wipes & Paper Towels (Let’s be realistic: I always make a mess!) – Maybe too I will add a piece of Vinyl table cloth to cover up the area I’m working in since it’s inevitable for larger projects I’ll be moving to the living room or the kitchen for.

My Gelatos – had to hide them from my 4 year old who loves playing with them as much as I do!

Once I had my “Go To” art supplies all somewhat organized, it was time to tackle the closet portion of my teeny-tiny mini art studio.

My Little Corner of the World

Here’s what I started with for my “closet art studio”…you can see I have the desk turned sideways in the corner to accommodate for my hubby’s clothes!

Pictured here are some shelves by Closetmaid I picked up from Wal-mart for $13. Not too shabby! And I built them myself! Really proud of myself for that because usually my husband is in charge of all things assembly related.

I also got two shoebox containers from the dollar store the other day. One of them is for all my Zentangle stuff – the other will just hold misc. stuff that doesn’t quite belong anywhere else.

And there’s my big disorganized box of ribbon and washi-tape. Paper cutter. Recycled desk lamp I have had since college.

On the floor of my closet (underneath where my husband’s clothes are) – I have my sewing box which has some fabrics and sewing stuff plus a cardboard box where I’m keeping all my scrapbook paper scraps.

The top of the sewing box is where I’ll be keeping my “couch box” for easy accessibility when I’m sitting at my desk.

So, after much arranging, re-arranging, sitting there thinking about my process when I’m creating and what I want easy to reach/grab…putting some stuff on the walls because it was so “blah”…

Here’s my final closet art studio: closet art studio

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it turned out!  I have a space in my house that’s all my own for creating…so very exciting!

How have you transformed a space in your house for creating to meet your needs? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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  1. You should love your new creative space – it’s fabulous! How creative you are. I am so impressed. I KNOW you will create some beautiful art there. Congratulations. xoxoxo

  2. Chelle, You are very creative in carving out a space for yourself, as well as in your artwork! I have been an artist most of my life but only recently, partly because of your blog, discovered the benefits of art journaling. It really helps in stretching the imagination.

  3. How great to have ur own space…and I really think people do it best with they have a small space to work with. Thx for inspiring me.

  4. You should read Shoestring Magazine. It is completely digital right now, and I love to grab ideas from it. Your art studio reminds me of their article on creating a “Closet Office.” I am not really lacking space, but I would like to know where to go when the time comes. Perhaps you will find some thrifty information there. Congrats on the art studio and the kickoff to your yearlong adventure in art journaling!

  5. Fabulous job. This is so inspiring. And what really inspires me about finding your blog today is you actually USE your art space, no matter what it is. I use that same expandable file folder type thing for my collage items. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi, Chelle.
    I’m really looking forward to this. I’m not an artist, but have done lots of art projects with children, since I’m a retired children’s librarian. It’s time for me to have some fun now. Thanks for the opportunity to get inspired!

  7. I love your little art studio. I have an entire bedroom turned into a craft room and I can assure you I will never be as artistic as you. I make cards for everyone and love doing it. I also journal all the time and have done it for years, but doing an art journal has always been a dream of mine. I am so excited about doing this journal with your help. I swear, this is a dream come true for me.

  8. This is such an inspiring post! We have been considering downsizing and simplifying our lives, and the main reason that we have not done so is because of the studio space I have come to ‘need’. πŸ˜‰ Seeing what you have done here has really changed my attitude. Nice job!

  9. I found your blog on Pinterest and then found my way to this post about your closet art studio. It’s so brilliant!! Thank you for inspiring me. I have so longed for my own room to use as a studio for art making and art journaling. I now realize that I can put a studio together in my closet. Yours is so magical! The “couch box” idea is so helpful, too. I am always dragging stuff all over the apartment, but not in any organized way. Now I’m ready to make part of my closet studio portable! Thank you for your generosity in sharing ideas and links to other great ideas, especially your happy house painting.❀️

  10. How awesome! Not sure if your closet has the space but a bench with storage underneath could be used to sit on. Just a thought! I am in the process of trying to find me a tiny space inside my home. Thanks so much for sharing!

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