Journal52 is a year long community project to inspire you to create each week with 52 weekly prompts!

Journal52 2015 Prompts

Week 48: Grid-Inspired

Our prompt this week is “grid” – whether you like neatly lined spaces and boxes or think outside the box and off the grid – use this as inspiration for your page this week!

Week 47: Architecture

Our prompt this week is architecture. Think of any type of buildings you admire and use that as inspiration, or create your own architectural masterpiece! As always, you can use any medium you enjoy working with!

Week 46: Color Me Crazy

For this week’s prompt, break out all of your favorite colors to make a page in your journal that is bright and bold! You can choose to make an abstract design, or just create any type of art journal page you like with vibrant colors you love! You can paint, use colored pencils, markers, crayons – whatever you enjoy and love!

Week 45: Child’s Play

For this week’s prompt, think of what it’s like to be a kid again – full of imagination, ideas, and creativity and dreams for the impossible! You can interpret this prompt any way you’d like – whether creating a page based on a favorite childhood toy or activity, or just allowing yourself to be a kid again and play and imagine without all the stress of being a grown-up!

Week 44: Hauntingly Beautiful

For this week’s prompt, you can choose to make your page something a little spooky, a little melancholy, a little dark…or you can go with your favorite Halloween things – witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires, haunted houses…as always each week the prompt is up to your interpretation!

Week 43: Focus

This week’s prompt is the word “Focus”. There are a number of ways you can interpret this prompt – from a photography angle, from focusing on the details to focusing on what really matters to focusing on getting something complete.

Week 42: Masks

This week’s prompt is brought to us by guest artist Cecilia Sawyer!

“A mask is an object normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes.”

Learn more here: Original J52 Post

Week 41: Fairy Tales

For this week’s prompt, think of a favorite fairy tale! You can create your page inspired by any fairy tale story you would like – paint, draw, collage – whatever you enjoy!

Week 40: Trees

For this week’s prompt – create a page around the theme of a tree – maybe you will capture the beauty of the fall, or find inspiration from the many tree quotes and sayings out there about roots and branches.

Week 39: I am

One of the most powerful things you can use art journaling for is to get to know yourself better and understand who you are. For this week’s prompt, create an “I am” page in your journal that expresses who you are. You can use positive words that describe yourself or create based on other things that all shape into who you are – your role in your family, your career, your interests, your favorite things.

Week 38: Calendar

For this week’s prompt, use part of a calendar in your page or design your own!

Week 37: Hope

For this week’s prompt, think about Hope – maybe something you are hopeful about in the upcoming days, weeks, or months or something where hope got you through a difficult time.

Week 36: Hideout

For this week’s prompt, think about where you might like to go to escape it all or hide-out or maybe this prompt makes you think of hidden journaling and incorporating hidden elements on your page. As always – you can draw, paint, collage, anything you enjoy!

Week 35: Plans

For this week’s prompt, let’s just sit back for a minute and take some time to think about planning ahead…What are you planning to do? Maybe it’s for the next 5 minutes, the next week or month…or maybe your plans are big dreams and ideas!

Week 34: Keys

This week’s prompt is “Keys” – and as always there are so many ways it can be interpreted!

Week 33: Comfort Zone

This week’s prompt is “Comfort Zone” – which is defined as “a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.”

Week 32: Perspective

Our prompt this week is Perspective -> and I love this prompt because it can be interpreted in so many ways! You can either create based on the word Perspective and what it means to you – or you can try incorporating various perspective drawing techniques in your page to illustrate dimension or different viewpoints!

Week 31: 10 Minute Challenge

So often we say we don’t have time for art journaling, or that pages take too long to make…well you CAN have a lot of fun and so even if you don’t “finish” a page or make something perfect, the point of today’s prompt is to just create and see how far you can get in just 10 minutes. Set a timer and go!

Week 30: The Road Less Traveled

The “road less traveled” is a saying that we often associate with the famous Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken. So for this week’s prompt, think about how you can take the road less traveled in different parts of your life or in your art and creative practices.

Week 29: Positive Change

Our prompt this week is positive change – whether it be little things or big things that make a difference in your life in a positive way. You can paint, draw, doodle, collage – whatever you enjoy!

Week 28: Mail Art

Our prompt this week is “Mail Art” – create a page in your journal out of junk mail, envelopes, cards, etc. – or draw/paint/doodle something inspired from what you’ve received in the mail recently.

Week 27: Kindness

This week let’s celebrate kindness in our art journals!

Week 26:  Elements

For this week’s prompt, use the 4 basic elements as inspiration: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. You can choose to be inspired by just one element or include all 4 in your page!

Week 25: Questions and Answers

They say you can learn a lot about a person not by what answers they give but what questions they ask. For this week’s prompt, ask a question in your journal you would like an answer to or reflect on some of the most interesting questions you have ever been asked or asked yourself.

Week 24: Silly Animal Zoo

This week summer’s here and I thought we would have some fun for our Week 24 prompt – making silly animals! Doodle, draw, paint, sketch, collage – use your imagination to create something wild!

Week 23: Small Success

Our prompt for this week is “small success” – celebrating those little everyday achievements that matter the most. Maybe you were kind or helped someone or maybe you managed to get out bed in the morning to make a cup of coffee – these little things matter and are worth celebrating!

Week 22: Wings

Our prompt for this week is wings: think birds, butterflies, or any other magical flying inspired page you can think of!

Week 21: Top 10 Lists

This week’s prompt: Top 10 Lists Your list can be about anything – favorite things, 10 top places you’d like to visit, top ten favorite art supplies…Top 10…anything!!! You can draw, doodle, paint, collage – whatever mediums you enjoy the most!

Week 20: Good Advice

For this week’s prompt, think of some piece of good advice someone has given you. It can be from a relative, a friend, or even something you may have learned on your own! As always you can draw, paint, collage – whatever works for you!